About Us

We are a family owned and operated Texas company specializing in Gunite Swimming Pools, Spill-over Spas, Pool Area Fencing and Landscaping, and Swimming Pool Services in the San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Mission Statement:

Backyard Lagoons is a company based in Seguin, Texas, which has provided service across South Central Texas since 2005. The company was founded by “Joey” Magallanez. We are a customer service oriented company and we are dedicated to providing our customers with a fine quality swimming pool at an affordable price.
Due to our dedication, and the quality of our pool construction, we are proud to deliver a product that will provide you, your friends, and loved ones with years of enjoyment. When choosing Backyard Lagoon our customers have chosen a company that believes, “Quality is better than Quantity.”
From start to finish we encourage you to be fully involved in the construction of your swimming pool. Your involvement will assure that the pool project is constructed exactly to your specification. Your involvement would also eliminate any nagging questions or doubts you may have about the quality of your purchase.
As a company dedicated to customer satisfaction we assure that there will always be an open line of communication. We feel confident that you will never feel lost during the construction phase of your swimming pool.
Company History:
The founder of Backyard Lagoon LLC, “Joey” Magallanez, was born and raised in Seguin, Texas. He was born into a family of constructions workers and began learning trade skills at an early age. Mr. Magallanez learned about quality, pride, and integrity; characteristics that were instilled in his by his grandfather and father.
“Joey” has over 20 years of experience in building trades, which includes carpentry, flat work, landscaping, and the construction of swimming pools. Prior to establishing his own “Pool Company,” “Joey” worked as a sub-contractor who provided services for other swimming pool construction companies.
Throughout his career, “Joey” has been directly involved in the construction of over 70 swimming pool project; often times constructing the projects himself. He possesses a strong working knowledge of what it takes to build a solid quality product. In spite of his vast experience in building projects, “Joey’s” real passion is building swimming pools.
According to “Joey” there is a certain degree of satisfaction and pride that comes with the completion of every swimming pool. For him building swimming pools is not just a job, it is a way of expressing himself through his own form of artistic talent.
Consumer Advocate:
We at Backyard Lagoons LLC believe that “Quality is better than Quantity,” therefore we do not hire salesmen, sales associates, customer care associates, consultants, or sales consultants; we employ Consumer Advocates.
At backyard Lagoons LLC we describe our consumer advocate as someone who is focused on the customer not the sale. The main focus of our Customer Advocate is to ensure that your project is constructed according to your expectations.
Our consumer Advocate will never give you a sales pitch or talk you into upgrading your project. Any upgrades, recommendations, or change orders will be made by our project director.
Service to our country:
Mr. Magallanez served our country in the U.S. Army reserves for over 10 years receiving an honorable discharge.
A Message from Mr. Magallanez:
Dear Customer:
Thank you for considering Backyard Lagoons LLC as your service provider. You have my personal guarantee that I will be involved in the construction of your pool project from start to finish.
As a consumer, I understand the importance of making a wise and informed decision when choosing a service provider, which is why I encourage your involvement in every stage of your construction project.
Prior to the start of your project I will meet with you and explain the details of your swimming pool. During this time I will answer any technical questions you may have and address any concerns. As your project is underway you may have other questions or ideas; you have my assurance that I will always maintain an open line of communication with you.
As a service provider I am dedicated to providing you with a high degree of quality of service and products, at an affordable rate. 
Best Regards,
“Joey” Magallanez